Film Review: KNOCK KNOCK (2017)

KNOCK KNOCK ** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Toby Canto Jr. 55 mins

Retired boxer Sam is far from his glory days in the ring and now he approaches his 60th birthday, which he will spend alone in his flat. Olivia his next door neighbour surprises Sam with a party…well if you can call it a party…but she also has another reason for her intrusion on his birthday. Olivia believes that their new neighbour is a vampire; which she can prove with what is contained in a little wooden box she stole from the supposed vampire’s mail.
With her two friends Dragon and the super geeky Gretchen on Olivia’s side, they try to prove to Sam that the new neighbour is really after their blood. Of course Sam thinks they have all gone bonkers and refutes their claims, that is until the mysterious neighbour comes knocking and he wants more then his mail! Barely reaching the one hour running time, KNOCK KNOCK plays more like a lost episode of the t.v. show REAPER, with its quirky characters and humour being very similar in tone. The film is contained mostly within Sam’s flat so don’t expect to see luxurious landscapes throughout. As this is a vampire movie you of course see a bit of blood but nothing major. Overall this is a well directed indie film that sets out to entertain and succeeds.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

You can watch KNOCK KNOCK on Vimeo by clicking the link below:

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