Film Review: SNUFFOLOGY (2017)

SNUFFOLOGY ** U.K. 2017 Dir: Jason Impey 74 mins

Jason Impey is back with another movie that features the dark, the disturbed and the sickening side of the world.
Opening with a man who is casting for a new slasher film, we see him trying to see what a very ditsy but sexy blonde can bring to the role of a victim in a film. She may have the sex appeal for a scream queen but only if she really know what she was getting herself into. Next up a junkie gets picked up for some fun time, but again this fun may end not as she had hoped. Another sees a man documenting a woman’s sexual desires from the dark web and her extra curricular activities with bodies. There is other bits and pieces going on throughout that is pure evil caught on film. The running theme throughout is that all these horrible things are being captured by amateurs on film, for their own sick perversion or others is another question. The slightly disjointed bringing together of these tales of depravity work well together. Impey has done many films that are all very indie, some may say underground style of filmmaking, but it works well for the films he makes. Look out for some familiar actors from past Jason Impey films which is always nice to see a director use the same talent. While this won’t be for everyone, no one can argue that Jason Impey loves what he does and it shows in his films.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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