Wednesday, 30 May 2018


You got afraid when sharks were attacking, you were afraid when the bears came to get you but the penguins are out to get you!

Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter comes a love letter to the eco-horror genre, GRIZZLED!

So what is the film about you may well ask.....well:

Three forest rangers and a grizzled hunter play cat and mouse with a giant mutant penguin as they attempt to rescue the President’s lost daughter on the 4th of July.

As you can tell from the synopsis its going to be silly but fun.
GRIZZLED! is a love letter to the nature-run-amok genre as well as a spoof, particularly the films of the 1970s. It was most inspired by and is a loose parody of four movies: JAWS, John Frankenheimer’s Prophecy: The Monster Movie, and two films by indie director William Girdler, Grizzly and Day of the Animals. Plus Airplane!

The film is aiming to start filming this August with a potential release date of January 2019. Those thinking this is going to be another CGI affair will be glad to hear that the mutant penguin is going to be a practical puppet, this is to be true to the tone of the era.

GRIZZLED! was written by Rycke Foreman who will also be directing this film. In front of the camera are some faces you may recognise including: Bill Oberst Jr., Marie Olsen, Shawn C. Phillips and Jamie Bernadette just to name a few.

Now onto to the bit where you can be a a part of helping GRIZZLED! get on its feet.

Currently the filmmakers are using Kickstarter to raise funds to the sum of $207,514 which does sound alot but all money will go into the film, paying cast and crew and all the usual things you would find that makes a film come to life.

Of course with any crowdfunding comes the perks to you who donate and GRIZZLED! has plenty to offer.

So if you want to see a mutant penguin attacking humans then GRIZZLED! could be the film for you. To donate to the film use the link below:

If you are unable to contribute financially a share of the project across social media will go a long way to helping as well.

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