Film Review: CARGO (2013) (Short Film)

CARGO ***** Australia 2013 Dir: Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke 7 mins

This incredibly gripping, visceral and thought provoking short is set in the vast back drop of the Australian out back. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse a recently bitten father and his uninfected infant daughter have a race against time to find other people before he turns.
Failing that the father must come up with some sort of plan to keep his child safe from him when he has turned. In just 7 minutes this movie is an emotional rollercoaster even with almost no dialogue exchanging that for a haunting piano based soundtrack. So well shot, acted and edited it is truly beautiful and puts quite a few modern feature length zombie movies to shame. Writers and directors Howling and Ramke made this for the Tropfest short movie festival where it was chosen as a finalist. Since then it went viral on YouTube and has had millions of views. No wonder really that the same directors have chosen to elaborate on this great concept and release a feature length version.

Review by Sarah Budd
Check out the short movie CARGO for yourself below:

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