Take the techno-paranoia of Black Mirror, add the intergalactic body horror of John Carpenter’s THE THING, adapt them into a VHS board game, and wrap it all up in a bitingly satirical Christmas-movie package, and what do you get?

AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS recently had its European Premiere at Arrow Video Frightfest Film Festival in London in August.

Dark Sky Films have announced that they will be bringing the movie to theaters and VOD in America.

AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS comes from British director Johnny Kevorkian and co-starring David Bradley of Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter fame.

Sharp and twisted.” -SCI FI NOW


It’s Christmas Day and the Milgram family wake to find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Something monumental is clearly happening right outside their door, but what exactly – an industrial accident, a terrorist attack, nuclear war? Descending into terrified arguments, they turn on the television, desperate for any information. On screen a message glows ominously: ‘Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions’. As the television exerts  an ever more sinister grip, their paranoia escalates into bloody carnage.  

Dark Sky Films will bring AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS to American theaters and VOD 5th October 2018.


October 5 – Cinema Village, NYC 
October 5 – Screenland Crossroads/Kansas City, MO
October 5 – Downtown Independent/Los Angeles
October 5, 7, & 13 – Clinton St. Theatre/Portland, OR
October 6 – Southside Works Cinema/Pittsburgh (one night)
October 6 & 7 – Cedar Lee Theatre/Cleveland
October 17 – Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra/Houston
October 19 & 20 – Alamo Drafthouse/Winchester, VA (Wash. DC market)
November 16 – Gateway Film Center/Columbus, OH
November 30 & December 1 – Nitehawk Cinema/Brooklyn

AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS is expected to have a DVD release in the U.K. in December 2018.

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