Film Review: CYNTHIA (2018)

CYNTHIA **** USA 2018 Dir: Devon Downs & Kenny Gage 90 mins 

Written by Robert “Corpsy” Rhines and released under the banner of his film distribution company Girls and Corpses Presents, CYNTHIA is a horror/comedy about a couple who have been trying desperately for a baby. Although their relationship is getting rather strained they eventually manage to conceive. The baby is born by caesarean section due to mum Robin having a large cyst present in her womb. The cyst is removed at the birth and due to be disposed of. This cyst, however has other ideas and will do anything to claw its way back to its mother and sibling.
With great performances from a largely well known cast with Scout Taylor-Compton (HALLOWEEN – 2007)  as Robin and Rebecca Marshall (The West Wing) as narcissistic sister Jane. James Karen (THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS), Sid Haig (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES) and Bill Moseley (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2) all have some fantastically hilarious cameo roles. This has blood, guts and laughs by the bucket load. With various inventive gory kills the slimy, deformed childlike monster stalks, farts  and squelches it’s way into our hearts and sick buckets. The characters are bold, damaged and obnoxious yet strangely endearing and well played. FX wise it has lots of lovely practical FX, the creature is glimpsed only briefly at first but revealed in all its glory later on being suitably gross but also kind of cute as the movie progresses. You will laugh and be disgusted simultaneously. I found this incredibly enjoyable and well done in every way. Even though it is something not to be taken seriously it still carries a story of motherly love and sacrifice which makes it all the more endearing. It has nudity, one liners and a ton of blood. One to break out on a beer and pizza night for sure. It’s great fun!!

Review by Sarah Budd

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