Film Review: ANONYMOUS ZOMBIE (2018)

ANONYMOUS ZOMBIE *** Canada 2018 Dir: Richard MacQueen 80 mins

Those pesky flesh-eating zombies just won’t stay dead. Here we have another entry into the world of the undead but with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. This Canadian comedy horror follows a group of addicts entering a shady looking rehab program. Randy is the latest to enter the facility and is soon greeted rather excitedly by Bert who acts as the program leader. Shown to his dorm Randy meets one of the only other people at the facility, Ethan who has his own issues with his stalker ex-girlfriend Liz who has followed him to rehab.
The threesome soon discover that everything is not what it seems at rehab, not only is their leader Bert a raging alcoholic but the place is full of zombies. As the group battle against the undead they soon discover the very real, and sinister reason the facility exists and it is not to help those who need it the most. Finding something different to do with a zombie movie is going to be a hard job for any filmmaker nowadays as they are everywhere. Now ANONYMOUS ZOMBIE does nothing that we haven’t seen before so instead it aims to go the comedy horror route. Though the comedy is far and few between, the horror elements look good and the small cast relish the roles they have. If you go into this expecting a Romero-esque classic you will be disappointed but those who go into it with an open mind will find a light-hearted zombie film to enjoy.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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