Film Review: STALK (2018) (Short Film)

STALK *** USA 2018 Dir: Michael Coulombe. 5 mins

An effectively executed horror short from L.A. based filmmaker Michael Coulombe, following his earlier work for Horror House Media, SOUNDBITE.
This is constructed around one of the most prolific of all modern horror movie set ups: a woman (Kara Schaaf) walking home from a party on Haddonfield-like nocturnal suburban streets is stalked by a shambling figure (Tyler Gallant) with a big knife, a white mask and a fondness for prowling around and jumping out from behind bushes. The subjective viewpoints and familiar looking neighbourhoods echo the vintage slasher movie inspiration, and Coulombe has an engaging twist up his sleeve that allows the stalker scenario to cross over into another horror subgenre altogether. It’s lighter and more playful than the startling SOUNDBITE, but offers a further confirmation of Coulombe’s filmmaking promise.

Review by Steven West

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