Indican pictures have announced that they have picked up writer/director Nicholas Holland’s WRONGED for a a 10 theatre run this February.

WRONGED is a horror thriller. Very much in the vein of Wolf Creek with a little The River Wild and elements of Deliverance, Hatchet and Wrong Turn.

Like many horror films a family go camping in the wrong part of town but unlike traditional horror films the lead turns the tables and exacts revenge on the locals.

The film stars Dan Davies, Grover McCants, Wayne E. Brown, Shaun O’Malley, Debra Harrison-Lowe, Matthew Siman and Angela Roberts-Johnson.


After suffering a miscarriage, David and Andrea’s lives are in a downward spiral. When their marriage counselor suggests a weekend getaway, neither has any idea of the nightmare awaiting them. When they arrive they are not welcomed by the locals who stalk and savagely attack them in the woods. Trying to flee, they find themselves surrounded by unforgiving nature and chased by a madman! Their weekend getaway turns into a fight for
survival with a very surprising result.

Wronged [OFFICIAL 2018 TRAILER] from Indican Pictures on Vimeo.

WRONGED comes to theatres on 8th February 2019 

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