Film Review: APT 3D (2014)

APT 3D * USA 2014 Dir: Zack Imbrogno, Horst Dieter Baum  79 mins

Dysfunctional couple Ben (Zack Imbrogno) and Erin (Maxxe Sternbaum) up sticks from L.A. and move into Ben’s sister’s apartment in New York. Ben has recently got a new job as a sitcom writer and has dragged a reluctant Erin along whilst his sister is overseas to give it a shot in the Big Apple. Things do not seem quite right within the apartment, almost instantly they start hearing noises, have their sleep disrupted by visions and have feelings that they are being watched. It doesn’t help that they seem to have an over friendly neighbour, Chris (Jordan Lewis) who Erin suspects of stalking her. As things intensify they are unsure if they are losing their minds, having not heard from Ben’s sister at all they are starting to wonder if she even went away. Are they experiencing alien life forms around their building or are they, for some reason, being messed about with by federal officials and the question is why them??!!
No seriously… if someone could actually enlighten me as to what the hell all this was in aide of it would be greatly appreciated. The main thing I came away with after sitting this out for its 79 minute duration (which in reality felt like three times the length) was that the main two characters should never ever be in a relationship with anyone let alone each other. They seemed like they hated each other the majority of the time with endless scenes of them bickering about everything often interspersed with having to watch them eat beige food and run baths. The paranormal element (if you can call it that) was just a series of bings, bongs and whistles that were hardly creepy . Some of the visuals were trippy and effective but incredibly scarce. The acting was unnatural with the couple just being obnoxious and their neighbour swinging from obscenely friendly to short and grumpy in a single breath. It takes too long before anything of any interest occurs and once it does its very convoluted and by then you just couldn’t care anyway you just want it to be over. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on this but it did nothing for me at all. It’s hard work to get through and once you have its instantly forgettable.

Review by Sarah Budd

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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