Film Review: DARK FLOORS (2008)

DARK FLOORS *** Finland 2008 Dir: Pete Riski 85 mins

This film features the LORDI band line up from The Arockalypse era, of course, playing themselves, as the monster element of this film. The main plot is centred in a hospital, a father, Noah Huntley (28 Days Later, Dracula Untold) takes his wheelchair bound Autistic daughter, Sarah, in for a brain scan as she is getting increasingly more insular and drawing dark pictures of monsters. There is a power cut and Ben (Huntley) in his frustration at the time it’s taking to investigate his daughter’s problems takes her into a lift and attempts to leave.
A nurse, Emily, played by Dominque McElligott (Moon) jumps in with them to try and persuade them to stay. When the lift door opens to the next floor the whole hospital has changed, its dark, deserted and destroyed, there are hideous monsters lurking, killing and hunting for Sarah. Ben, Emily and 3 other passengers from the lift must fight for their freedom or die trying. Again this is a format that has been done many a time but the dark lighting and camera work creates an intense atmosphere and it moves more swiftly than THE KIN. Lordi themselves do a fantastic job and we get to see a bit more of them this time although I cant help thinking they could’ve played a bigger part still. They wrote and performed the song over the end credits called “Beast Loose in Paradise”. The other characters are quite engaging but occasionally flat on delivery, that being said it is, of course, worth a watch.

Review by Sarah Budd

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