Film Review: CROSSBREED (2019)

CROSSBREED ** USA 2019 Dir: Brandon Slagle 86 mins

This Sci Fi/ action/ thriller is set in the future. As the new president sends a small team of Ex-soldiers, brought out of retirement for this mission to intercept a group that have kidnapped a dangerous alien that could be utilised as a powerful weapon.

With far too much ladsie macho bullshit about banging robot sluts and an incredibly flimsy storyline this is spectacularly uninspiring. Mind you the visual effects were impressive for an indie film plus the make up and costume for the alien were pretty good. The casting team felt it necessary to try and resurrect the careers of Vivica A. Fox as the president and a rather ill looking Daniel Baldwin as Secretary of Defense neither of which have very big roles in this and it does nothing to improve their prospects of future employment but I guess it all looks good on paper.

Featuring Devanny Pinn as the Crossbreed who despite her great make up, weird clicky noises and a bit of scuttling about she doesn’t bring a great deal of character to her creature. The rest of the cast are ok but with the script being pretty lame it is definitely no ones best work. The soundtrack is big and effective featuring a predominantly metal theme and using a couple of American Head Charge tracks. Overall it is watchable albeit cringeingly misogynistic and poorly executed but worth it for the visuals and an entertaining soundtrack. It gets its 2 star rating from me purely for the visuals.

Review by Sarah Budd


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