Film Review: MOON OF THE BLOOD BEAST (2019)

MOON OF THE BLOOD BEAST ** U.S.A. 2019 Dir: Dustin Ferguson 54 mins

Dustin Ferguson’s 70th movie MOON OF THE BLOOD BEAST is a short indie horror focusing on the events occurring in a small coastal town terrorized by a legendary creature. Every 10 years during the cycle of the Blood Moon the creature known as the Blood Beast appears to claim sacrifices of its choosing, in return the town is protected from the outside world.
Though some think it to be only a story made to scare people of the town, others in the town know otherwise. While one man hunts the creature, another investigating the apparent murders will do anything to keep the towns secret safe…with dire consequences. Its a simple story which can easily be seen as Fergusons homage to the 1976 movie TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST, which is seen in this movie being watched by Dawna Lee Heising in a brief scene. Also keen eyed viewers will spot adult actress Alana Evans in the opening scene before she meets the Blood Beast. The creature itself is a simple costume but the idea of showing what the creature sees in blood red vision is a great idea. Although there isn’t much dialogue throughout it isn’t too bothersome and is worth a watch. Why not have a double bill of MOON OF THE BLOOD BEAST with TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST, just don’t watch them on a Blood Moon!

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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