Death, it happens to all of us eventually, but the nurses in DEATH CARE speed up the process.

DEATH CARE is a new movie project from HM&M Films, Rad Entertainment & Quattro Venti Scott Productions.

The film is written by Cameron Scott and Tom Komisar and is based on real life experiences that Cameron Scott saw himself, revealing the dark side of the Health care system.

In the film a gang of Home Health Care Nurses are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients.

The film stars Lynn Lowry (I DRINK YOUR BLOOD), Maria Olsen (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3), Linnea Quigley (THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Helene Udy (MY BLOODY VALENTINE) (1981), Dixie Gers (CRAZY FAT ETHEL) (2016) and is co-directed by Daniel Murphy (HOUSE OF WHORES) and Cameron Scott.

The team behind this film are currently raising funds via Indiegogo. Their target is £4,016 (around $4,982) but it is a flexible goal.

For your contribution you could get a Blu-ray of the film, screen used wardrobe, executive producer and more!

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