A new kind of audio/visual experience has been curated and distributed by the Prince of Horror Erotica, Jared Masters, but this time the party has been amped-up and the terror has been shaved off. Frolic Pictures has teamed up with Arrow Media Services to bring you the ultimate fresh and sexy aid to any art exhibit, modern museum, nightclub, music festival, rave, rager or psychedelic happening. The visuals are on the cusp of the cutting edge and the several stunning dancers are real and bring the experience to life, with their talents in the au natural.

The hundred minute non-stop extravaganza is sure to comfort and carry you through whatever wild night you have in store. What is it? Put simply, it’s stimulating visuals fused with the beauty of the female form. It’s a celebration of state-of-the-art visuals and the beauty women. It’s a portrait of the psychedelic girl, to a pulsing progressive electronic score by Bliss Cartel and Harry Blotter!

The surreal happening stars Emily McGuire, Loriel Andre’a and Paige Dugan, featuring Sydney Ray and Clarissa Sturges. It’s a psychedelic study of the female anatomy with intense visuals by Wizerd (Takede Osheame). This in-depth study of the psychedelic effects on the adolescent female was graciously produced by Ari Lefkowitz. This Prism of Flesh was written and directed by none other than Hollywood’s only hope, Jared Masters. Special thanks to Bruce Mason. Dedicated to the memory of David Waldschmidt, a true fan of Frolic Pictures, who passed away too soon. You don’t want to miss these electric felines, the cabinet of psychedelic women is just a few mouse clicks away. Order the psychedelic nymphets and bare witness these stunning, dazzling and unforgettable psychedelic dancers gyrate to the pulsing upbeat soundtrack you need in your life.

PSYCHEDELIC NUDES (a.k.a. Mondo Psychedelia) is a work of art you don’t want to go without. So add the DVD to your sordid collection. You won’t be disappointed! VOD coming soon!





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