Before you became an actress what career path did you imagine taking?

For as long as I can remember, being a actress or model was the only vision I saw for myself. It was the only thing I could really get excited about.


You first stepped into the world of acting in the adult industry in 2005 but later broke into the “mainstream” acting business with The Family (2011) and Piranhaconda. How did you find the transition period from one acting style to another?

When I booked my first mainstream role in “The Family” it felt very natural and good. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be and moving in the direction of my dreams. I started living a life I was proud of and living a clean lifestyle again, the way I grew up. The transition was mostly tough financially, which prompted me to start my own mobile food business. That business allowed me to pay my bills, grow as a business woman and pursue acting further down the road. I am very grateful to still be doing what I love with every opportunity I get.


What project in your career (so far) would you recommend someone to check out that is new to your work?

My most recent film “Xenophobia” was exciting to film and also turned out really fun! My Character Melanie had a southern accent and a bit of a angry side.



You have had a chance to work with a few notable names in the horror industry (Michael Berryman, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Brinke Stevens). Is there anybody you would like to work with given the chance?

Working with all those talented actors was amazing! There are many in other genres I’d love to work with, but in horror it would be amazing to work with my friend Derek Mears. I am loving the “Swamp Thing” show!


Outside of the horror industry you have also done some T.V. work, most notably in Sons Of Anarchy and Seal Team. What have you found has been the biggest challenge between movie and T.V. series sets?

There isn’t much of a challenge between the two for me. I find T.V. sets are usually a lot larger, so there are a lot more eyes on you while performing. I am fortunate to have so much camera experience, and the crowd doesn’t affect me too much.



You have been training in kickboxing, which we see a little bit of you using in XENOPHOBIA. Should we expect to see you doing more martial acts or potentially your own stunts on the screen?

I absolutely love training in martial arts. My father was a karate champ and my mother a black belt too, so it’s in my blood. I did my own stunts in the film “Die for a Dollar”, and I really hope to do more action type films. My dream would include being able to train hard for months for a specific action role.


What projects do you have coming up in the future that you can tell us about?

I have two projects in the near future. One of them is working with my long time friend producer/actor Joe Hollow from “The Family.” He has been developing a new script with a fantastic role for me. The other, I can’t say much about – but I’ll be playing the wife of a Jewish mob boss, a film based on a true story.



Do you have any websites where people can get in contact with you that you would like to plug?

I would love everyone to follow me on social media at:

Twitter: @Realangies
Instagram: @Angiestevensonofficial


Thank you Angie for your time.


Interview by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Images courtesy of Angie Stevenson.


Be sure to check out XENOPHOBIA which Angie Stevenson stars in.


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