Film Review: KILLER UNICORN (2018)

KILLER UNICORN ** USA 2018 Dir: Drew Bolton 74 mins

Just as the big Annual Enema Party is approaching, the queens and queers of Brooklyn are being targeted by a serial killer in pink sequined hot pants and a unicorn mask. Picking off one group in particular who had attacked him at the previous enema party because he drugged and raped one of their friends. Leaving him for dead they had no idea he would return to finish them off. If you like your slashers with dialogue like ” This is some scary movie bullshit”, ” I’m grabbing my bag then I’m getting out of here” and ” Its me you want killer unicorn!!!! Come and get me!’ then this is the one for you. Also if you prefer your slashers more sexually gratuitous then gruesome then this again is the one for you. Ridiculously flamboyant and bogged down in too many stereotypes in one scene at a time the humour is almost completely lost here. Still it does have some fabulous looking queens with names like Horse Foo, Jess Jizz and Cunt Stanley to mention but a few, they are larger than life and full of venomous comments making the gay characters seem rather tame in comparison. With sex and nudity in no short supply the killings seem somewhat of an afterthought at times but when they happen they are pretty good. The gore is bloody but I was hoping for a bit more detail sometimes still a few of the kills are quite inventive, a  humorous decapitation and an acid enema make it quite fun. The acting is campy and awkward with a lot of excessive badly timed screaming which is hard to watch but the killer unicorn himself is pretty imposing. He stays silent and looks great in hot pants. Noticeably low budget they did what they could with props and scenery but it’s mostly either in gloomy clubs or apartments. The soundtrack and score are effective and enjoyable but everything else about this is just a bit too much for me. Still nice to see a slasher movie aimed at the LGBTQ community for a change.

Review by Sarah Budd

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