Reel Nightmare Films has released writer/director Michael Jason Allen’s intense new serial killer thriller EMULATOR on Prime Video USA, Prime Video UK & worldwide on Vimeo On Demand.

The official synopsis for EMULATOR reads:

After serving 50 years in prison, a reformed high-profile serial killer is recruited by a homicide detective to catch his own sadistic copycat.


In the tradition of high-octane thrillers like Se7en & Kiss the Girls, Emulator is a gripping 90 minute film with lots of suspense, strong lead performances and an emotional twist ending. A can’t miss for fans of true crime stories. – says Armand Petri of Reel Nightmare Films.

Known for The Twilight Zone-inspired horror film AN IDLE MIND IS THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, Michael Jason Allen starred in and directed EMULATOR, alongside frequent collaborators Kip Rosser and Rhett Crosby.


EMULATOR is out now on Amazon Prime and also on Vimeo On Demand.

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