101 Films presents PROM NIGHT (1980), a slasher classic and one of the most influential horror films of the 1980s, released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK in an extras-packed limited edition. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN) and Leslie Nielsen (AIRPLANE!), and adorned with a highly-regarded original score and disco soundtrack, PROM NIGHT is a bloody landmark in high school horror.

This will be title 011 on the 101 Films Black Label which will be a Limited Edition version with slipcase and booklet limited to 3000 units.



Four Hamilton High School seniors have been hiding the truth of what happened to ten-year- old Robin Hammond for six long years. But someone saw what they did and is preparing for vengeance – a prom night killing spree. Hooded, masked, and wielding an axe, he’ll stalk his prey in the dark, empty halls, striking when his victims are alone. As the spotlight falls on the newly-crowned prom king and queen, will the killer be stopped before he can exact his murderous revenge..?



Brand New Extras:

Chasing the Final Girl, a new documentary on the “Final Girl” in horror movies
An interview with director Paul Lynch
Audio commentary with FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy and filmmaker Jake West
Limited Edition booklet: includes Just Some F****** Nerdy Brother: Prom Night and the strange case of the Canadian slashers by Dave Alexander and Dance ‘Til You’re Dead: Composer Paul Zaza remembers the music of Prom Night by James Burrell


Additional Extras:

Audio commentary with Director Paul Lynch and Screenwriter William Gray
The Horrors of Hamilton High: The Making of Prom Night – Featurette
Collection of additional scenes added for television broadcast
Motion still gallery
Original radio spots
Original theatrical trailer and television spots


101 Films will release PROM NIGHT (1980) on 2nd December 2019, you can pre-order it now on their website HERE.


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