Film Review: ASPARAGUS TIPS (2018) (Short Film)

ASPARAGUS TIPS **** U.K. 2018 Dir: Sam Bailey 4 mins

ASPARAGUS TIPS is absurdly dark humor at its finest that delivers on the promise of its title. This short opens on a dinner party with a group of faceless people drinking wine and talking. After the title card and its corresponding metal soundtrack jump scares the audience to attention, the door bell rings and is answered by the party’s host. The guest at the door is introduced as Asparagus Tips, a friendly and polite woman who happens to have asparagus for fingers. Yes, asparagus. When it’s revealed that the hostess has overcooked their starter, it leaves only one option, and it’s up to Ms. Tips to save the meal.

Shot as a low-key British comedy, ASPARAGUS TIPS is well-acted with tongue-in-cheek dialogue mixed with a horrific premise. Totally ridiculous on the surface, the story comments on those who have no problem taking a mile from those who give an inch. That, mixed with the shock factor of the film’s climax, makes it a film that you want to tell all of your friends about. At the very least, it’s one that will be hard to forget.

Review by Laura Smith


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