Film Review: DON’T LOOK (2018)

DON’T LOOK *** USA 2018 Dir: Luciana Faulhaber. 71 mins

Do you like boobs? Do you like blood? Do you like boobs covered in blood, spilled guts, furry(ish?) sex, giant men in baby masks, and Dollywood? Then do I have a movie for you.

Lorena (Luciana Faulhaber, who also directed), Nicole (Lindsay Eshelman), Sebastian (Javier E. Gomez), Ted (Jeff Berg), and Alex (Curtis K. Case) head out to the nicest run down cabin ever (I mean, seriously, it’s so nice it almost takes you out of the story) for a drunken weekend away. After getting spooked by super sexual hillbillies Kelley and Sherri Baby (Jarrod Robins and Hailey Heisick) they realize they’ve got bigger problems to deal with when their friends start turning up dead.

DON’T LOOK is fun as hell to watch. It’s a great homage to 80s slashers with the all of the blood, guts, screams, and questionable decision making you could ask the genre for. Robins and Heisick seriously steal the show by leaning so hard into the hillbilly mold they somehow break it—and women truly get the chance to shine in this one because hey, “slut” or virgin, we all deserve the chance to outrun a lunatic with a chainsaw.

Review by Julia Lynch


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