Film Review: CLOWNADO (2019)

CLOWNADO **** USA 2019 Dir: Todd Sheets. 100 mins

Big disclaimer: I love killer clown movies. I also love disgusting, over the top gore. If you add big acting and truly likeable characters to the mix, well, you’ve got me for life. Enter: CLOWNADO.

How a clownado? Why a clownado? Big Ronnie (John O’Hara) and his gang of killer clowns are cursed when his ex-girlfriend Savanna (Rachel Lagen) enlists a witch’s powerful magic to get revenge after Ronnie kills her lover. Somehow (who really cares how) the spell turns them into a vengeful tornado of terror out to disembowel and dismember anyone who gets in their way.

A guy with a pickup truck, a stripper with a heart of gold, an Elvis impersonator, and a teenaged girl are all that stand between the demonic clowns and a killer femme fatale.

This movie has it all. It’s got gallons of blood and guts, but it also has great one-liners, boobs with teeth, and a demonic dwarf clown clawing its way out of a corpse. It’s got feminism (what else would you call a group of women ripping the head off of an evil clown with their bare hands?). And it has genuinely likeable characters, from Lagen’s Harley Quinn-esque badass to the group of misfits who save the world.

CLOWNADO is a delightfully repulsive B-horror masterpiece that will carve a smile onto your face.

Review by Julia Lynch


Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

2 thoughts on “Film Review: CLOWNADO (2019)”

  1. This review brought a smile to my face when I really needed it. Thank you on behalf of every member of the cast and crew. It’s the whole reason we made the film is for people to enjoy it.

    1. We are glad you enjoyed the review and that it brought as much of a smile to your face as your film did to ours.

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