Film Review: DARK BEFORE DAWN: CONVOY (2019) (Short Film)

DARK BEFORE DAWN: CONVOY *** Canada 2019 Dir: Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski. 6 mins

This is the 10th and final episode of a Canadian web series from early 2019 depicting the collapse of society. If you’ve seen the preceding nine, this might have extra value – but coming in cold, you get the gist of the backdrop as we are confronted with events from “Day 1514” via a group of men (and one small boy) in a loaded, armed truck, driving through the forest in the middle of a clearly expansive conflict. They are assaulted by a lone, machete-wielding man and the action is bloody, brutal and impressively executed. A pulsing score enhances the suspense and there’s an emotional core that leaves you wanting more. Presumably the movie world’s way of preparing us for upcoming ecological, economic and societal collapse, this kind of apocalyptic survival story is now commonplace, but at least this is engineered with some technical skill and thought.

Review by Steven West


Go to the official series website for more information on this web series and to be to watch the whole series:


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