Film Review: THE CHANGELING (2019) (Short Film)

THE CHANGELING **** Canada 2019 Dir: David Hamelin, Neil MacDonald. 5 mins

Although it is burdened by a title that will immediately ensure confusion with the other dozen or so films (short and full-length) also called either CHANGELING or THE CHANGELING, this concise Canadian horror short from Outpost 31 Media generates some bonafide chills without delivering any real surprises. Katherine McCallum is very good as a frantic mother who gets a hysterical call from her babysitter and arrives back home to find the sitter dead, her baby missing and some kind of horned creature roaming around her house. Shot in long takes with a constantly roving camera that adds to the anxiety, this wisely keeps its malevolent presence in the shadows and is driven by McCallum’s appropriately intense, convincing performance.

Review by Steven West


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