Film Review: GRAVE SIGHT (2019) (Short Film)

GRAVE SIGHT *** Canada 2019 Dir: Walter Forsyth, Angus Swantee. 7 mins

This Canadian horror comedy is not especially slick but has fun with its EC Comics-by-way-of-Sam-Raimi set up. In a daylit graveyard opening, Holly Stevens and Craig Gunn brave an exhumation to steal family jewels from a desiccated corpse. This results in a comical eye gouge (“fucksticks!”) and admittedly amusing splatstick with great use of a disembodied eyeball, a cry of “ca-caw!” and the line “I can see in two different directions, this isn’t right!” The price this pair of charlatans pays involves a deliberately absurd horned demon played with vigour by Dale Bellefontaine. It’s a spirited romp and likeably silly, with a climactic replay of the best “gag” from EVIL DEAD II.

Review by Steven West


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