Film Review: MAKE ME A SANDWICH (2019) (Short Film)

MAKE ME A SANDWICH **** Canada 2019 Dir: Peter Hatch. 3 mins

Here’s a stripped-down vision of domestic hell from Toronto’s wonderfully named Deformed Lunchbox horror filmmaking collective. It has a monstrous performance from Peter Hodgins and it’s his relentless grouchy plea of “Where’s my sandwich?” that establishes his demanding harridan of a husband / couch potato character and opens the film. Hodgins’ long suffering, frequently insulted wife serves him up something he deserves and, as his demands get meaner (“What part of ‘sandwich’ do you not understand?”), the culinary delights she constructs become grosser. Cannily filmed so that the downtrodden wife / slave Marcy is physically entrapped within the frame, this pays off with a wonderful closing pull back shot of the grossly maggot-ridden, decomposed husband that’s worthy of an EC Comics panel from the 1950’s.

Review by Steven West


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