Arrow Video have revealed the official poster for the dead funny apocalyptic zom-com ZOMBIE FOR SALE – designed by artist Scott Saslow.




Korea’s biggest pharmaceutical company conducts illegal experiments on humans. One test goes wrong and creates a sexy zombie who escapes and winds up with the crazy Park family, owners of a country gas station. But when the head of the household is bitten, it restores his youth, so they monetise Zzong- bie’s powers to help their struggling business. Events take a grisly turn of course, and all Living Dead lore explodes in a hilarious riff on the genre, borrowing from the best and adding its own startling twists to the beloved formula.


Directed by Lee Min-Jae, ZOMBIE FOR SALE stars Jae-yeong Jeong, Ga-ram Jung and Nam-gil Kim.


ZOMBIE FOR SALE screened earlier this March at Glasgow FrightFest and will be out later this year from Arrow Video.


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