Filmmakers from across the globe are coming together “virtually” in isolation to create horror movies!

No budget, no cast, no crew, no access to the outside world!

Nothing can stop us making horror movies!


Tony Newton Vestra pictures (Virus Of The Dead), (60 Seconds To Die), (Troma’s Grindsploitation films), (VHS Lives) who produces anthology horror films is working on horror movies while in isolation with filmmakers and actors!

Nothing can stop horror fans being creative!


Tony Newton and YouTuber Coolduder (Actor) Shawn C.Philips are working on a unique horror movie called:



A found footage horror film about a viral cursed game called AMITYVILLE HEX.

Which they are getting friends and fellow filmmakers to film themselves at home to be part of the film AMITYVILLE HEX!

Already joining the project are actors Julie Anne Prescot, Rheanon Nicole, James Balsamo, Sam Mason Bell, Danny (cinestalker), Lauren Francesca, Sarah Schultz, Josh Schultz and Ken May.

If any actors or filmmakers want to work on some fun and crazy horror projects over the next coming months get in touch with:

Last week production wrapped on Vestra Pictures



A horror movie based on DARK WEB Mystery boxes

Sarah Schultz, Josh Schultz, Dane Keil, Julie Anne Prescot, Rheanon Nicole, Shawn C.Philips, Tony Newton, Emil Johansson, Gemma Wilks, and Eliza Sica were all filming over the last week wrapping production on DARK WEB: MYSTERY BOX separately from their own homes!



Tony Newton is also opening up submissions for the next four weeks until the 30th of April looking for short films which chosen submissions will become part of the film GHOSTS a new horror anthology from Vestra Pictures!


Tony worked with The Terror Challenge Winter Edition to give guaranteed slots in the anthology film GHOSTS.


Thrilled to have some amazing short films from winners of the Terror Challenge and now it’s great to open up more slots as submissions to filmmakers across the globe“.


They are looking for short horror films to be a part of the film itself that feature ghosts, the paranormal ,demonic forces, demons, satanic curses and scary films that make you jump out of your seat!


They are accepting completed Ghost horror short films and new shorts.


Send submissions to with the header Ghosts Anthology


Closing date is 30th of April 2020

Chosen submissions will be notified no later than the 5th of May


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