Film Review: DESTROYER (1988)

DESTROYER *** USA 1988 Dir: Robert Kirk. 94 mins

When a serial killer is sentenced to death for the rape and murder of 23 men, women and children and executed by electrocution a prison riot breaks out, and there’s a freaky incident that involves prison guards getting killed as well.

Fast forward 18 months later, the prison is now abandoned and movie director Robert Edwards (played by Anthony Perkins), uses the prison as a movie set for his latest exploitation feature entitled “Death House Dolls”.

The electrocuted muscle bound murderer Ivan Moser (played by Lyle Alzado) is still alive and well and stalks stuntwoman Susan Malone (played by Deborah Foreman) and her writer boyfriend on the film set.

This is an awesome 80’s action, thriller and all out horror romp, it’s fun and very entertaining. No, this isn’t high art, but good old big budget schlocky horror!

There are some very original kill scenes in the film, including the warden while taking a dump getting killed with a flame thrower, a great kill scene with a jack hammer, the director frying in the electric chair and the killer dressed as a cop going insane, killing everyone in his path while he stalks the stuntwoman.

A great example of just why we love the 1980’s!

If you like Wes Craven’s Shocker or the cult horror Renny Harlin’s Prison you will enjoy this flick for sure!

Lesson learnt here…don’t make a film in an old abandoned prison!

Review by Tony Newton


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