THE MILLENNIAL KILLER *** UK 2020 Dir: Sam Mason-Bell. 71 mins

It’s hard to find the perfect flat, but Simon Berry; the Real Estate Agent, has the flat to die for! Sam-Mason Bell brings you an award winning horror movie that will make you wary the next time you’re searching for the perfect home. Some places are just too good to be true.

Naomi, played by Alice Mulholland, and Daniel, played by Rishky Patel, never thought that the first flat they looked at would be their last. Alice Mulholland, and Simon Berry bring outstanding performances to the table with this gem.

Alice Mulholland’s slow slip into insanity at the hands of Simon Berry was brilliant! Berry’s performance of the Rental Estate Agent with a dark, demented, and sadistic side will give you chills.

With each new potential tenant that comes to view the flat from Hell gives you not only a newly renewed sense of anticipation, but bloody, and gore filled scenes of terror. The Millennial Killer is a blood soaked revenge ride not to be missed.

Review by Heather Markham


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