Film Review: CRYPSIS (2019)

CRYPSIS *** USA 2019 Dir: Paul Anthony Rogers. 82 mins

Crypsis is by Evolutionary Films and written and directed by Paul Anthony Rogers and launched me straight off my headland into the midst of what is a wild survival bet to go to the mysterious Hawker Island where a strange and unknown predator resides.

Waiting to feed.

The four central teens are quite normal American lads and set out together in a movie that sets a great pace and tension, setting us up for some fun and scary shocks in the vein of The Goonies meets Predator and it soon becomes a fun teen comedy shock horror adventure film with a well fitted metal score by Scott Francisco and very effective camerawork and flash scenes at it’s start and end by Jeremy Traub which really put me in the mood for some chaotic horror fun on a dark and deserted island.

Once Brandon, Josh, Ethan and Eric get their basic camps set up (and enjoy a worm feast!) the price of their bet quickly begins to dwarf that of $32 for four beers in the bar where they and two others came up with the daring and crazy idea to go to a small island that is only inhabited by a killing thing.

This is an enjoyable movie with a small cast and although the characters get a bit confused later on, the overall acting quality is great and the film is fast-paced, fun and carried me along nicely as the lads start to learn a lot about their own inner personalities while being scared witless by some unearthly creature that is stalking them and watching them. They all start to doubt their bravery and whether or not to see the dare out or try to escape the island when Brandon suddenly screams and vanishes into the forest……

Crypsis is a lively and fun movie that is not too deep, but is more of a reckless voyage of discovery that will both entertain and shock you in equal measure as the creature’s voice echoes out from it’s dark lair in the shadows, a voice that reminded me a lot of ‘Godzilla the Wolfman’, the trumpet of a creature that is a vaguely humanoid piece of stalking, taunting nightmare. The film hides a twist or two towards it’s ending and is well worth a gamble as you watch to see if the lads can escape with their lives and beat the creature.

Would you stake your life on the outcome?

Review by Nathan Sandiford


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