Film Review: SPINE CHILLER (2019)

SPINE CHILLER **** USA 2019 Dir: Jacob Perrett. 73 mins

A Halloween Horror Anthology

Spine Chiller features different tales of terror in a true horror anthology style complete with a vintage 80’s aesthetic.

This is brought to you by director Jacob Perrett.

The anthology centres around Halloween, and each of the four horror stories are not only connected to Halloween, but all connected as all of the tales are related to people who receive invites to a Halloween dance and with a very Halloween heavy feel throughout.

This anthology film is a bit different to most modern horror anthology films as each segment is directed by Jacob Perrett and co-directed by Taylor Rhoades, which only adds to the film as we get the same kind of photography in each short tale. My main gripe with a lot of anthologies is that you can get a very high value production short followed directly by a low quality one. This film is very streamlined, as is the acting and special FX, which are stunning here. The film is packed with amazing stories and solid production, none of which lack quality or substance.

Spine Chiller is like returning home from trick or treating and taking your first bite of your prized Halloween Candy!


This is candy for the soul right here…..

Awesome 80’s style synth music, unique kills and spine chills from the off.

There are obvious nods to both king of the slasher franchises John Carpenter’s Halloween and the Friday The 13th movies, even the films poster looks like something straight out of the Halloween 3 press kit!

This is a very low budget indie offering, but fun as hell.. so if you’re an indie horror fan go on, give yourself a treat this Halloween by watching Spine Chiller!

Review by Tony Newton


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