Film Review: THE TRUTH WILL OUT (2020)

THE TRUTH WILL OUT *** UK 2020 Dir: Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason-Bell. 86 mins

‘Hard Streets UK’ is a hard hitting reality drama show of eccentric British lives.

It is brought to you by the hilariously grumpy and very sarcastic John Cleese like Thomas Laboss who leads his small film crew into the dark and clandestine home of a small family of four gypsy witches as he attempts to shed some more light on what people really get up to in a “crap and rain soaked southern English city”.

The film is convincingly shot as a reality show and amateur spoof and provided me with a lot of realistic insight into how bizarre TV investigative journalism works and is set up.

Mother Diana and her two naive and beautiful daughters Phoebe and Kate live quietly on a dreary estate in Portsmouth but their strange culture and place of origin remain very well hidden until the ignoble Thomas offers them the princely sum of £10000 to open up a bit more to his show.

Thomas and his two crewmen then embark on a three day stay at the ladies coven, but will Thomas’ offhand attitude to their strange hobby and very perverse delusions of his own grandeur be altered by these three unassuming but very mysterious ladies? The film wants you to watch and see what happens…..

I questioned my own beliefs in the occult and witchcraft as I continued to watch a very gritty and honest film all about the subject and whether it may or may not be genuine. There are some wonderful comic nuances throughout it’s entirety and these are skilfully mixed with a lot of dark intrigue. The ladies’ outfits, crucifixes and goblets for drinking bodily fluids are very convincing, but will they convince doubting Thomas as The Truth Will Out morphs brilliantly in front of your eyes into something altogether different.

This is an extreme, weird and quite fucked up film (in an interesting and occult way of course!) that uncovers many dark and sinister secrets, but is it just folklore and ancient superstition or the real and dangerous powers of earthly energy at work?

You may find the answers to a lot of dark questions within the bounds of this novel expose of the lives behind the closed doors of some of the UKs most eccentric residents. The vast cultural differences across the UK shine through a mysterious veil of invocations, spells and ancient gypsy curses that are complemented well by a lot of strange and archaic practices. Some of the films scenes are very disturbing but fully in flow with the gripping plot. What will Thomas really uncover here and will his strange curiosity actually kill the cat?

I enjoyed this film as it was very intriguing and yet quite worrying at the same time and it is certainly for those out there who have any interest in questioning whether the occult and witchcraft are actually real or a hoax from more antiquated times where the mother Diana is apparently still living out her days.

However, it becomes something of a living nightmare for Thomas and his boys with some very amusing, disturbing and surprising consequences.

Review by Nathan Sandiford


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