Following the news we broke on the weekend about CALLBACK (News Here) we can let you know the next few people who have been cast in the film.

Geovonna Casanova (Lake Of Shadows, Los Angeles Shark Attack) and Kristina Santiago (Holland Road Massacre: The Legend Of Pigman, Not Another Monster Movie) will both star in the film in roles TBD.

The film will be Directed by Emir Skalonja (HOLLAND ROAD MASSACRE: THE LEGEND OF PIGMAN) from a script by Emir Skalonja, Krystal Shenk & Peter Hopkins. Based on a story by Peter Hopkins.

We can also reveal that the Heavy Metal band BLACK PHANTOM will have a song in the movie as well as a UNRELEASED SONG written specifically for the film!



And finally (for now) we are proud to announce that horror actor Joel D. Wynkoop is very interested in coming on to the project.



You may know Joel from films such as Herschell Gordon Lewis’s The Uh-Oh! Show, Lost Faith, Clownado, Lycanimator, Creep, all the Truth or Dare movies and many many more films!


Here’s the kicker though…

…we will only be able to get Joel on the film IF we manage to crack our original £15,000 goal and we REACH our FIRST stretch goal of £20,000.


Help make this happen for us, the film and FOR YOU, THE FANS!


The Indiegogo campaign can be found here:



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