60 SECONDS TO LIVE (Filmmakers Wanted)

Countdown the horror!

60 Second Horrors

The creators of 60 Seconds to Die film series Tony Newton (Vestra Pictures) has decided to create a new anthology horror film full of 60 second scares!

So many filmmakers have been asking me to resurrect this concept as its perfect for filmmakers of all levels to shoot something during quarantine and in lockdown while a lot of film productions have ceased !

During the Covid nightmare we are all living through it’s not easy to shoot full features or even short films or get funding at the moment but the possibility of shooting a 60 second scary short film is much more doable!



Not only that but this is a fun film challenge to keep that creativity going:

The best 60 second short horror films will be chosen by a panel of judges and featured in the final anthology film that will be released on DVD and VOD platforms!

Create a 60 second short horror film in 4 weeks!

Deadline to submit is 4th October 2020


Submission Guidelines:

The film needs to be full screen HD 1080p
Delivered 24 fps(Film)
Can be filmed on DSLR, Go Pro or even your cellphone!
There must be at least one death in the short film.

First time filmmakers welcome as are masters of the craft!
If you have a horror short and you want to do an exclusive 60 second cut for this anthology that is also fine!
It can be any genre of horror slasher, Ghost, folk, found footage anything goes as long as its dark themed! (Not Comedy).

The short must have a title at the start only of the film then a short exactly of 60 seconds in length then credits.
(Credits to run no longer than 30 seconds!)

So we see the title of the short then 60 seconds of horror then credits, so the full length with credits may be 70 seconds or a few seconds longer.

No copyright music or logos other than you have permission to use in the production.
No comedy
No animal cruelty faux or otherwise!


Submit today!

Send your short films to:
tony.newton.productions @gmail.com

Visit www.tonynewton.net

For updates on the film in the coming months!

If you are interested in being a producer on this film or any other enquires contact:

tony.newton.productions @gmail.com



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