Film Review: BLINDERS (2020)

BLINDERS **** USA 2020 Dir: Tyler Savage. 86 mins

After a messy breakup, Andy (Vincent Van Horn), leaves everything and everyone he knows, to move to Los Angeles, taking with him his beloved dog Juicebox (cool name!) Whilst having a well needed drink after his journey, he befriends a pretty woman called Sam (Christine Ko, who plays Emma in The Great Indoors) They immediately hit it off, and she becomes a well needed friend for Andy at that time, and the couple share a cab home together, driven by a creepy guy called Roger!

The very next day, Andy bumps into Roger outside a cafe. Roger offers to show Andy around Los Angeles and takes Andy’s number. From then on, Andy is bombarded with really weird messages from the cab driver, who seems to be becoming quite possessive over him. They hang out a few times, and it’s clear that Roger has some issues to say the least, but Andy feels compelled to spend time with him, even though he’d much rather be hanging out with the lovely Sam. Things quickly take an unexpected turn for the worse for Andy, and he soon finds himself with a whole lot of trouble.

This guy, Roger, takes the term ‘creepy stalker’ to a whole new level! Andy certainly picked the wrong taxi to go home with that night. It’s an eye opener to how people can completely screw someone’s life via social media! A well written, and well produced film. I was hooked from the start. A lot of love and thought has gone into making it. The ending is definitely not how I thought it was going to end. The only fault for me, was that one of the deaths was a tad on the tacky side, but a very enjoyable film to watch hence why I’ve watched it a few times already!

Review by Lorna Child


Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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