Film Review: FEAR HORIZON (a.k.a. The Vault – Episode 1 ‘Survivor’) (2018)

FEAR HORIZON (a.k.a. The Vault – Episode 1 ‘Survivor’) *** Canada 2018 Dir: Sara Martins. 9 mins

This is the first episode of an Ontario-shot web series created by Sara Martins and David Aliry. We’re in familiar post-apocalyptic territory, though the location filming gives it a particularly atmospheric, snowbound visual aesthetic as a military operation stumbles across an abandoned installation in the middle of nowhere that’s host to a fellow, terrified survivor of this evocation of Nuclear winter in the year 2025. It’s a slick production, well-acted, nicely shot by Tyson Burger and with a pounding original score. There’s enough to make you watch the next episodes.

Review by Steven West


All 10 episodes of the award-winning digital series FEAR HORIZON (a.k.a. The Vault) have been released and are free to watch right now on Youtube.



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