Film Review: THE FANATIC (2019)

THE FANATIC **** USA 2019 Dir: Fred Durst. 89 mins

When Moose an avid movie fan and autograph hunter gets cheated out of an opportunity to meet his favourite action hero Hunter Dunbar, Moose tracks him down and what is meant to be a dream meet and greet turns into actor Hunter Dunbar’s life being at the mercy of an obsessive fan.

The film stars the king of cool John Travolta as an obsessive stalker Moose and Canadian actor Devon Sawa as celebrity action star (Hunter Dunbar). Devon is a cult horror favourite from films such as Idle Hands and Final Destination so it’s nice to see him in another horror thriller here.

Travolta is a busker who lives just on the outskirts of LA, sporting a basin haircut and living in virtually isolation from everyone, his one and only friend and acquaintance works for the press suggests he uses an app showing the home of the stars so Moose uses this opportunity to meet his hero Hunter Dunbar which goes very wrong as his obsession takes a very deadly turn.

This psychological thriller is directed by Limp Bizkit’s front man Fred Durst who also co-wrote the screenplay. I loved this film, no it’s not as good as Misery but is certainly on a par with The Fan, it’s more of a dark twisted thriller that touches deeper on many issues class being one of them.

For me John Travolta is up there as one of my favourite actors along with Nic Cage. Travolta falls into the bracket of not the worlds best actor but he has a certain bewitching charm that always draws me into every character he portrays.

This has to be one of his most intense performances, his childlike quality is laid bare here, he plays the part
perfectly, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role, he is very menacing. Travolta / Moose isn’t a nine stone weakling he’s a very heavy set framed man which adds to the overall menace.

Fans of Misery will enjoy this killer flick, obsessive fans are a threat, there’s a thin line as celebrities be it actors or musicians can be a big part of your life you may watch the same show day after day or let a certain artists album consume your soul, fans do feel like they know them as they are in a way a part of the fans life which in itself is pretty scary.

I think I may have to disguise myself as a casual horror fan at the next comic con, not some horror obsessed fan that I am… watch out Freddy Krueger!

Review by Tony Newton


Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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