Marketing Macabre partners with Horror Screams Video Vault

Marketing Macabre has teamed with the popular UK horror website, Horror Screams Video Vault to create a PR / advertisement package. You would get our Marketing Macabre press release, an Exclusive Interview on Horror Screams Video Vault, and a banner ad on Horror Screams Video Vault for 1 month.
contact: Michael Joy at

Marketing Macabre – a horror boutique public relations company created to give independent filmmakers an affordable alternative. We focus on the importance of press releases to gain momentum and we work with some of the biggest genre websites in the world. Our mission is to get your project in front of your audience, the horror public – the most devoted fan base in all of entertainment.

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Michael Joy has the ability to help launch an enhanced marketing scope for a company by utilizing his tireless focus and passion for the entertainment industry. Michael has a lifetime of knowledge with regard to horror films, pop culture, music, pro wrestling and the like. Michael Joy has mastered a way to create authentic and unique buzz on social media platforms and has enhanced my company’s profile. – David Gere / Shadow Vale Productions

For years my company struggled to build connections within the horror industry, seeking out and establishing relationships with other horror filmmakers, horror websites, bloggers, podcasters and the like. We even halted our film’s release for three years until we knew we had a fan base established through these various outlets. And then along came Marketing Macabre. Mike Joy and his team at HNN had been doing the same thing, but for a lot longer and with greater reach. So when we decided to employ MM’s services we were slightly skeptical it may be repetitive and overlap with our own marketing campaign. To the contrary, utilizing Marketing Macabre extended our reach into the horror community and to some very helpful and competent folks, I might add. From the minute our press release went out, social media posts, website posts, and blog mentions began poring in along with a substantial request for screeners. Some of our best reviews came from MM contributors. Marketing Macabre was our unexpected goldmine-find of the year. If you want to reach the horror crowd, there is no better answer. Hell, there is no other answer! They’ve cornered the market! – Mark Ricche / Cryptic Pictures Distribution

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