“DEADLY DELIVERY” Brings a New Slasher Icon to America

SRS is excited to bring you another amazing import with Albert Bogo’s “Deadly Delivery”

An urban legend of a mysterious pizza delivery killer – which may be all too real – is exploited by an unscrupulous billionaire businessman. He organizes an absurd Willy Wonka style contest and game at his luxurious villa for the five finalists, but is his true intention to draw out the legendary slasher? The extra toppings of gore come fast and hot in this scary and funny slasher homage to the best of 1980’s horror! Redubbed in English, plus original Italian track with subtitles, plus more extras.

PRE-ORDERS have started with just 100 blu-rays being sold ever, copies are expected to ship by late November. 11×17 mini posters are included as a free bonus and may ship separate for single orders. Posters ship folded however you can order yours rolled in a tube for an additional cost here.




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