Film Review: THE ARRANGEMENT (2020)

THE ARRANGEMENT **** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: Jake Hunsicker. 103 mins

Two detectives Harry (Danny Donnelly) and his new partner Jessica (Jennifer M. Kay) investigate a string of mysterious murders which are tied together by photographs that reveal clues as to who will be the next victim, detectives Harry and Jessica soon realise there could be a serial killer loose on the streets targeting his victims but what is the connection?

Directed by Jake Hunsicker, the film stars Eric Roberts, Deborah Twiss, Brian Anthony Wilson, Jennifer M. Kay and Danny Donnelly.

This creepy detective offering integrates murder and police investigations with the supernatural very cleverly. Although this is an independent film it’s a very top end production you could be watching CSI meets Supernatural.

The film is driven by the lead detectives who give standout performances here, Jennifer M. Kay was brilliant in the role and Danny Donnelly who plays the role of an awkward and confused detective with a hint of comedy works so well here the contrast between both detectives is the big selling point here after watching this movie I thought damn I would love to see more from this awesome detective duo.

Fans of David Fincher’s The Game and Seven will love this dark horror thriller that is both entertaining as we follow the enthralling story and great visuals and overall production. Although Eric Roberts isn’t the main star here he gives an unforgettable performance that is a key part to the film.

Review by Tony Newton




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