Film Review: THE BONE BOX (2020)

THE BONE BOX ***** 2020 USA Dir: Luke Genton. 86 mins

After running up a huge gambling debt of £20,000, Tom (Gareth Koorzen) moves in with his Aunt Florence (Maria Olsen) in hope that she will write him into her will. He also comes up with an idea of robbing the graves of the rich local townspeople, in the hope that he can sell the stuff, to help pay off his debt.

Pretty soon after, he starts seeing and hearing things, that leads him to believe he is being haunted by the ghosts of the dead people he stole from. No one else is aware of anything paranormal going on around him, so we start to wonder, is this really something scary going on? Or is it just his guilty conscience playing tricks on him?

Tom has recently lost his wife to cancer, so he’s not in a very good place mentally as it is, and throughout the film, he gradually becomes more and more anxious and paranoid, leading to a rapid descent in his mental health. The film has a great choice of music that helped to create a fantastic opening scene, and added to the creepy feeling throughout the film.

I was hooked from the start of The Bone Box and thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Add it to your watchlist today.

Review by Lorna J Child


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