Film Review: THE DEEP ONES (2020)

THE DEEP ONES *** USA 2020 Dir: Chad Ferrin. 83 mins

Director Chad Ferrin’s (PARASITES (2016) & EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET (2019)) take on HP Lovecraft’s creatures known as The Deep Ones which were first featured in his short story The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It begins with married couple Alex (Gina La Piana) and husband Petri (Johann Urb) who rent an oceanside AirBnb in the middle of a very odd community. They decided to get away for some time alone together after a recent miscarriage. The inhabitants make themselves familiar with them in various random ways and Alex soon starts to feel uncomfortable around them. Unfortunately for her though Petri has already fallen under their spell. Hosts Russel (Robert Miano) and his much younger and heavily pregnant wife Ingrid (Silvia Spross) drug him and under the influence introduce him to their sea creature overlords convincing him that Alex is the perfect specimen for their master Dagon to breed with. Will Alex follow her instincts and get the hell out of there before it’s too late or will the fishy foes get their wicked way with her?

Firstly, it may not have big names in the cast but it is acted really well by all with Gina La Piana and Johann Urb making a very likeable couple. Robert Miano as a seemingly harmless yet creepy old man. Kelli Maroney (NIGHT OF THE COMET) in a small cameo as the apparently crazy lady trying to forewarn the couple of their fate. The 2 stand outs for me though were Timothy Muskatell as trans doctor Gene Rayburn who had a Mrs. Doubtfire meets Tubbs from League Of Gentlemen feel about her and Jackie Debatin as Alex’s wise cracking party friend Deb. The creatures themselves were a bit under utilised just showing the odd tentacle here and there with some creepy noises but when it comes to the final scenes Dagon is revealed in all his impressive Cthulhu-y glory. It is a well told story that goes full circle with the ending explaining the opening sequence and it does have a degree of creepiness to it. Not a great deal of gore but that does not mean it doesn’t contain some relatively disturbing scenes and for its low budget the monsters don’t look that bad. An interesting take on the subject which is definitely watchable but could have done more with the monsters.

Review by Sarah Budd


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