Red Cape Publishing to release Gemma Paul’s latest book The Mummy Walks At Midnight

Following on from the release of the Kids horror book The Little Bat That Could, Red Cape Publishing are now releasing another kids book from author Gemma Paul in time for Halloween. The Mummy Walks At Midnight (Kreepy Kids Book 1) will be available on paperback and ebook from 21st October.

The Mummy walks at midnight, that’s what the stories say. Are you brave enough to follow him and see where he goes? Join him on his adventure in the first of the Kreepy Kids Collection.

Gemma Paul had the following to say about the book – After writing THE LITTLE BAT THAT COULD, which was something I had in my head for a few years, I liked the idea of exploring monster books for kids. I don’t force my ideas or sit and think of something I just let it come naturally, which usually involves something popping into my head at random moments. Often when I’m out walking the dogs. However, THE MUMMY WALKS AT MIDNIGHT came to me one night as just a title when I was sat one evening watching an episode of Dr Who. There was this mummy on a train, I went ‘ooo The Mummy Walks at Midnight’, and that was that. The next day I took the title and just started writing, I was finished it in less than an hour. The next challenge would come when it was time to turn the words into pictures. I’m a girl who loves horror and all things creepy or monster related so I try to think of ideas that I would love to read, or would buy for my niece and nephew.

The Mummy Walks At Midnight is available to pre-order as an ebook on Amazon now –

The Little Bat That Could is available on ebook and paperback –

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