Film Review: NO WAY OUT (2020)

NO WAY OUT *** U.S.A. 2020 Dir: Joe Hamilton. 81 mins

Two couples go on a camping trip after a long drive they they arrive at their dream holiday destination, a log cabin for the perfect weekend break. They soon discover they are not alone in the desolate woods as a psycho killer wearing a gas mask starts to kill off the members of the group one by one.

No Way Out is directed by Joe Hamilton, Chris Levine who also stars in the film produced and wrote the screenplay for the production, the film also stars Jennifer Karraz, Christopher McGahan and Johanna Rae.

No Way Out has great cinematography and stand out sound design, this indie horror does deliver the goods, it’s a slow burn to start with as it does take a good while to get into the full terror but the build up is good because we get to know and care about the characters within the first half of the movie.

The film goes from creepy to full on terror when Norah is attacked in the desolate woodland and the group manage to carry her back to safety only to awake the next morning to find Norah is missing and its presumed the mask wearing psycho has taken her.

No Way Out is something very different, it’s not the normal indie film offering we are given, it’s a mind exploding chiller tour de force that digs deep into the psyche much like a Lynchian chiller.

This is definitely well worth a watch, it’s full on creepy atmosphere resonates throughout the production, fans of The Blair Witch Project and Kill List will enjoy this Lynchian style indie horror offering.

Review by Tony Newton




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